Video: President Obama Speech on National Security, Torture, Guantanamo – May 21

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3 Responses to “Video: President Obama Speech on National Security, Torture, Guantanamo – May 21”
  1. todd armstrong says:

    upholding the rule of law, supporting the constitution, closing guantanamo, banning torture, water boarding all good . . . however many agree that preventative detention is outside the law regardless of oversight.

    It makes sense that there is a type of detainee that can’t be prosecuted but still poses a threat to america. Can’t this be done w/in the confines of the Constitution?

    This will be a big debate and a lighting rod for those who oppose the president: strict constitutionalists and opposing partisans.

  2. panamarick says:

    I think it is morally incumbent that we Americans risk it all for the sake of true justice. We can easily do that by abiding by this thought “better a hundred guilty men go free then one innocent man be judged guilty.”


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