Daily Graphic: GM Stock First Day on the Pink Sheets – GMGMQ Chart

June 2, 2009 by · 2 Comments
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2 Responses to “Daily Graphic: GM Stock First Day on the Pink Sheets – GMGMQ Chart”
  1. Kate M. says:

    Thanks, Visconti, for your effort to make this information available.

    Please can anyone tell me if there is chance at all to sell my “old GM” shares for 1.45.

    I am disabled person. Did not know about all the developments happening until too late.

    Thank you. 1200 shares.

    • Visconti says:

      kate – you need to check everything I say here … I believe your “old GM” shares are now GMGMQ. Depending upon how you trade your stocks you either need to call or email your brokerage to confirm this. Then, if that’s the case, choose the price you’re willing to accept for those shares and place a limit order with your broker. I would be surprised if GMGMQ trades at a 1.45. If I had your position, I’d be looking to sell those things within the next 30 days and be glad you got anything for them.

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