ELCA Has Nothing to Say About Murder of George Tiller?

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Where the far-Right sees one’s stance on the abortion question as a litumus test for Christian faith, not so for most.  George Tiller, one of the few American doctors who perform late term abortions was shot today at his church, Reformation Lutheran Church, in Wichita, KS.

Killed on Sunday, at church it’s a situation ripe for the flock to seek some context or greater understanding from church elders.  Being an ELCA Lutheran myself, I visited their website to find some understanding, some context.

There’s nothing.  Not a message from presiding bishop, Mark Hanson, nor even a message to pray for those left behind at Reformation Lutheran in Wichita.

The political system has failed both sides of the abortion rights question for the decades since the Roe decision.  The fact that this wedge issue continues to divide Americans and rile the basest instincts in some is testament to that.    Another fact is that this issue is so difficult because it is so many things – politics, religion, biology – it’s not the sort of public policy issue that should ever be cast in all or nothing terms but it is by the noisy crowds for and against.

It may seem like nitpicking to call out my church for being quiet on the event of Dr. Tiller’s death, but because the underlying abortion rights debate is so multi-faceted and so completely wrapped up in our individual concepts of morality, this is exactly the time for the Church to be available.

This is the Internet age.  The opportunity is always there for immediate communication.  Too often the ease of communication today leads to garbage and “ill communication.”  It wouldn’t have today, though.


Daily Graphic: More Americans “Pro-Life” than “Pro-Choice” | Gallup Graph 1995-Present

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For the first time since Gallup began polling this question in 1995 more U.S. adults identify themselves as “pro-life.”



Video – President Barack Obama Commencement Address, Notre Dame, Full Speech

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