Abramoff’s Bloodsucking Lawyers & The ‘Pro-Family’ Republican Party

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in_abramoff_600As the former bag man for the Republican Party, Jack Abramoff, serves a federal jail sentence his wife and five kids are apparently languishing just above the poverty line in a house they can’t afford with a leaky roof.

The Washington Post reports tonight that Abramoff’s lawyers are petitioning the federal government to release – to them – a $500,000 tax refund owed Abramoff by the federal government.  Ostensibly, this is so Abramoff can pay his bills.  How much you want to bet that those first in line to be paid are Abramoff’s attorneys?

The Post also points out that Abramoff is under a court order to make restitution to Indian tribes he bilked out of tens of millions before any of his assets go anywhere.

Jack Abramoff and his lawyers should go pound salt.  His wife and kids on the other hand, someone needs to sack up and take care of them.

Norquist Could Fix Mrs. Abramoff's Roof He Was a Decent Person

Norquist Could Fix Mrs. Abramoff's Roof He Was a Decent Person

How do you think it was in Abramoff’s heyday?  Jack had all the access to most of the levers of power and was the crown prince of Tom DeLay’s K Street Project.  He made a ton of money and he made a lot of other people money through opening doors and working his once ample Rolodex.  Jack used his connections and when time and events were right, his connections used him.

I’m sure it was all smiles and backslaps and cocktails.

Fast forward to Abramoff’s undoing and in the time it takes to chomp the olive off the end of the little plastic sword, Jack’s got no friends.

Here’s an idea for Grover Norquist and Ralph Reed, former Abramoff confidantes and eternal fucknuts.  Guys, why don’t you pull out your “family values” talking points, circa 1994, and begin calling your friends.  Try Dr. Dobson, Tom DeLay, Newt — call ‘em all.  Take up a collection, pass the hat.  For goodness sake, take care of Jack’s wife and kids.

If Reed Had a Pair, He'd Man Up & Raise Some Funds for Abramoff Family

If Reed Had a Pair, He'd Man Up & Raise Some Funds for Abramoff Family

If you’re afraid firing up the old Christian Coalition phone bank will attract too much attention, how about the two of you pooling your resources and getting Mrs. Abramoff’s roof fixed?

You know, when I read the Post story tonight I wasn’t surprised about lawyers trying to bleed the last $500,000 out of Jack Abramoff.  I guess I’m not surprised about the Republican “family” not helping out Mrs. Abramoff — just disgusted.


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