Transcript: Joe Biden on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolous – July 5

(Source: ABC News)


STEPHANOPOULOS: Major milestone this week here in Iraq with the American troops pulling out of the cities. And I wonder if you can put the broader American mission in context. Are we in the process of securing victory or cutting our losses to come home?

BIDEN: Securing victory. Look, the president and I laid out a plan in the campaign which was twofold. One, withdraw our troops from Iraq in a rational timetable consistent with what the Iraqis want. And the same time, leave behind a stable and secure country.

And one of the reasons I’m here, George, is to push the last end of that, which is the need for political settlement on some important issues between Arabs and Kurds and among the confessional groups. And I think we’re well on our way.

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Did Cheney Try to Waterboard Iraq War Justification Out of Detainees?

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Devastating piece by Olbermann tonight on the widening pool of slime around the former Veep.  Links to stories which are mentioned in video below.

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