Video: Gibbs Answers Question on Obama Birth Certificate During Press Briefing

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birthI’m surprised it’s taken this long for the question to be asked in a White House press briefing.  There is a fairly large amount of folks out there in Amerika who believe that President Obama has not released his birth certificate; that it resides behind lock and key in a vault somewhere in Hawaii.

Un-f*&cking believable.  You can see the president’s birth certificate here.  The tards on the right who continue to wring their hands over this issue say that the document is not what they expect for some reason.  According to, a site that never lets us down when it comes to debunking, the document linked above is consistent with other certificates of live birth from the time in Hawaii.

Lester Kinsolving is the fellow who asks the question.  Kinsolving a radio host and “correspondent” for Internet conservaporn World Net Daily has every right to ask the question, but it should be noted that WorldNet Daily has been the standard bearer for all things anti-Obama.


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