Immigration – Legal & Illegal – Down 25% from Mexico to U.S.

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New York Times has an interesting story tonight on the recession’s effect on immigration from Mexico:

Mexican and American researchers say that the current decline, which has also been manifested in a decrease in arrests along the border, is largely a result of Mexicans’ deciding to delay illegal crossings because of the lack of jobs in the ailing American economy.

The trend emerged clearly with the onset of the recession and, demographers say, provides new evidence that illegal immigrants from Mexico, by far the biggest source of unauthorized migration to the United States, are drawn by jobs and respond to a sinking labor market by staying away.


The Daily Graphic: Interactive Map of Illegal Immigrants Detained in U.S.

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According to the New York Times nearly half of all people being detained for immigration violations in the U.S. are held in private detention centers.  Click the graphic below to go to the original, interactive map.  Click here for the story that accompanied the map.



The Daily Graphic: Interactive Map – Where U.S. Workers Come From

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Surprise! Mexico.  I’m sure they’re all legal, paying taxes and not relying on the safety net.  Right.

New York Times today brings the world an interactive map.  Click the screen grab below.



Obama Administration to Push Immigration Bill Later This Year

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From the New York Times:

Some White House officials said that immigration would not take precedence over the health care and energy proposals that Mr. Obama has identified as priorities. But the timetable is consistent with pledges Mr. Obama made to Hispanic groups in last year’s campaign.

He said then that comprehensive immigration legislation, including a plan to make legal status possible for an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, would be a priority in his first year in office. Latino voters turned out strongly for Mr. Obama in the election.

Entire story here.


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